sat may 19 @ beerland, austin, tx w/ puerto rico flowers, body pressure, young mothers
sun may 20 @ nebulae, denton, tx w/ filth


july 8 @ san diego art institute, san diego, ca w/ silent, telecaves
july 7 @ handbag factory, los angeles, ca w/ wreck and reference, some pepper, lee noble, lay/haug
july 6 @ thee park side, san francisco, ca w/ bosse de nage, botanist
july 5 @ heco's, oakland, ca w/ relay for death, heco music machine, butt munch
july 3 @ the know, portland, or w/ y.c.e., mulva myasis
july 2 @ woodland theater, seattle, wa w/ bloom offering, m. stahl, plastic boner band
july 1 @ 333, vancouver, bc w/ collin gorman weiland, samantha glass, the utopians, civilian
june 30 @ secret project robot, brooklyn w/ horoscope, vosp, wetware, timeghost

june 11 @ aviv, brooklyn w/ excepter, mezzanine swimmers, lutkie, baby birds don't drink milk

oct 27 @ death by audio, brooklyn  w/ a place to bury strangers, broken water, gold dime
aug 23 @ pioneer works, brooklyn  w/ liturgy, wreck and reference, kyle eyre clyd
july 23 @ summerscreen, brooklyn  w/ man forever
july 15 @ silent barn, brooklyn  w/ aki onda + alan licht duo, lea bertucci + leila bodreuil duo
july 14 @ dr. clock's nowhere bar, washington, dc w/ radiator greys, cory o'brien
july 13 @ the nightlight, chapel hill, nc w/ clang quartet, heron
july 12 @ snug harbor, charlotte, nc w/ moenda
july 11 @ sluggo's north, chattanooga, tn w/ segaworms, vama marga, ev mhir
july 10 @ betty's, nashville, tn w/ harvest team, lazer slut
july 9 @ apop, st. louis, mo w/ braining, brain transplant, catholic guilt
july 8 @ eye see, chicago, il w/ rectal hygenics, brett nauke, justin marc lloyd
july 7 @ carabar, columbus, oh w/ drose, murdered man, stella
july 6 @ podrum mahzeni, bethlehem, pa w/ boddicker, nuclear hellfrost, shitlist
july 5 @ the nuthouse, philadelphia, pa w/ death orbit, bubonic bear, kanevsky + strong
may 7 @ 'nothing changes', ny, ny w/  FFH, pedestrian deposit
april 12 @ democracy center, cambridge, ma w/ tinsel teeth, guerilla toss, lots more
april 11 @ penny gaff, providence, ri  w/ ukiah drag, craow
april 6 @ acheron, brooklyn w/ kayo dot, pyrrhon, epistasis
march 28 @ death by audio, brooklyn w/ nick lesley, angel of retribution, long distance poison
march 22 @ auxiliary, richmond, va w/ christopher s. feltner, stress orphan, brown piss, guillermo pizarro, stephen palke, cancer of the cloaca
march 21 @ reverse, brooklyn w/ saturn, silent girlfriend

sept 28 @ vassar college, poughkeepsie, ny  w/ pop.1280, sewn leather, foreplay
sept 27 @ wesleyan university, middletown, ct w/ pyka
july 13 @ pioneer works, brooklyn  w/ hair police, sickness, guerilla toss, bob bellerue, tamio shiraishi and cammisa buerhaus
july 13 @ death by audio, brooklyn  w/ zulus, cellular chaos, yvette

aug 24 @ public assembly, brooklyn - Yo Eskerrik Asko NYC - w/ glenn branca, neptune, action beat, christina carter
june 29 @ death by audio, brooklyn w/ hammerhead, seawhores, queening
june 2 @ level room, philadelphia, pa  w/ hot guts, clippers, california x (x-shoppers)
june 1 @ 31st st pub, pittsburgh, pa  w/ sistered, bearskull
may 31 @ bourbon st cafe, columbus, oh  w/ sex tide
may 30 @ crown tap, chicago, il  w/ oozing wound
may 29 @ madame of the arts, minneapolis, mn  w/ hasps, plague year
may 28 @ the aquarium, fargo, nd
may 26 @ vfw post 209, missoula, mt  w/ monster with 21 faces
may 25 @ black lodge, seattle, wa  w/ white coward, MTNS
may 24 @ zoo zhop, vancouver, bc  w/ yellow thief, stamina mantis, castle excellent
may 22 @ kenton club, portland, or  w/ dragging an ox through the water, big black cloud
may 20 @ boiz house, sacramento, ca  w/ darling chemicalia, monster treasure, rad
may 19 @ sugar mountain, oakland, ca  w/ stillsuit (x-coughs), cube, no babies
may 18 @ hemlock tavern, san francisco, ca  w/ high castle, ccr headcleaner
may 17 @ beauty is pain, los angeles, ca w/ nasa space universe, low places, sheepshead, surplus killing
may 16 @ meat market, tempe, az  w/ marshstepper, drainbow, documentarian
may 15 @ the goathouse, el paso, tx
may 14 @ 29th street ballroom, austin, tx  w/ expensive shit, lechuguillas, coma in algiers
may 13 @ mango's, houston, tx  w/ cop warmth, the chemicals, electric sleep
may 12 @ mudlark public theater, new orleans, la  w/ cambre/dalio/steigner trio
may 11 @ sluggo's, pensacola, fl  w/ altered state, little wimp
may 10 @ golden bough bookstore, macon, ga  w/ truffelina
may 9 @ drunken unicorn, atlanta, ga  w/ death domain
may 8 @ meadows of dan, carrboro, nc  w/ hithrdaxodes
may 7 @ strange matter, richmond, va  w/ bermuda triangles, head molt, flesh control
may 6 @ ottobar, baltimore, md  w/ friend collector, curse
may 5 @ 542 west 27th st, manhattan "Oh You Mean Cellophane and All That Crap" w/ ikue mori, c. spencer yeh, loud objects, sightings, the dreebs, dan friel // art by dan flavin, james turrell, haroon mirza, zilvinas kempinas, more (
apr 23 @ death by audio, brooklyn  w/ femme tops, feast of the epiphany, mv carbon
apr 14 @ death by audio, brooklyn  w/ pop.1280, c. spencer yeh, richard
mar 16 @ haverford college, haverford, pa  w/ pop.1280, yvette
mar 12 @ death by audio, brooklyn "motorized percussion" set  w/ weasel walter quartet, rust worship, kid millions/michael foster, more
feb 29 @ 285 kent, brooklyn w/ pygmy shrews, call of the wild, x-ray eyeballs
feb 19 @ PACS gallery, brooklyn w/ diamond terrifier, hubble, gdfx
jan 23 @ death by audio, brooklyn w/ the dreebs, rapstar, platinum vision
jan 21 @ ding dong lounge, manhattan w/ sediment club, bob crusoe
jan 8 @ WKCR 'live constructions', columbia university, manhattan w/ bob crusoe

dec 13 @ death by audio, brooklyn w/ diamond terrifier, dan friel, vaz
nov 27 @ st. vitus, brooklyn w/ vaz, black skies
nov 19 @ ruintown, baltimore, md w/ friend collector (x-new flesh, pfisters), multicult, house dress, death domain
nov 18 @ emoda gallery, philadelphia, pa w/ satanized, laffing life
oct 30 @ public assembly, brooklyn  w/ satanized, extra life, little women
oct 14 @ death by audio, brooklyn  w/ lechuguillas, holy sheet, herzog rising
sept 20 @ music hall of williamsburg, brooklyn  w/ deerhoof, mick barr
jul 9 @ pageant soloveev, philadelphia, pa  w/ birth noise, mirror men
jul 8 @ gooski's, pittsburgh, pa  w/ m.o.t.o., gg king
jul 7 @ now that's class, cleveland, oh  w/ clan of the cave bear, henry-howland-scheible trio
jul 6 @ skylab, columbus, oh  w/ human boys (mem. vile gash), biff boff barf
jul 5 @ collexion, lexington, ky  w/ wretched worst, ara (mem. hair police)
jul 4 @ meow manor, murfreesboro, tn  w/ container, unicorn hard-on, lazer slut, cycles
jul 3 @ apop records, st. louis, mo  w/ jigsaw rhetoric, brainpaw
jul 2 @ blue moose, iowa city, io "firecracker500" w/ supersonic piss, big box, terrible two
jul 1 @ fraternal order of eagles, minneapolis, mn  w/ skoal kodiak, hasps (mem. gay beast), the liz
jun 30 @ project lodge, madison, wi  w/ birth, sinking suns
jun 29 @ pancho's, chicago, il  w/ lechuguillas, birth, instinct control
jun 28 @ atlas bar, hamtramck, mi  w/ frustrations, everybody's in (mem. awesome color)
jun 27 @ the boat, toronto, on  w/ women in tragedy, connoisseurs of porn, teen tits wild wives
jun 26 @ no cars, rochester, ny  w/ bad kids, cruepie, illuminazis
jun 25 @ blot spot, binghamton, ny  w/ guzzlemug, mouth to mouth to mouth
jun 16 @ glasslands, brooklyn w/ mr. dream, sleepies, tony ferrante
jun 11 @ death by audio, brooklyn w/ pygmy shrews, pop.1280, pampers, family curse
may 5 @ death by audio, brooklyn w/ brian sullivan and c. spencer yeh, drainolith, family underground
apr 30 @ wesleyan university, middletown, ct w/ 2 ton bug, many others
apr 25 @ death by audio, brooklyn w/ men's room, marsh hens, heavy medical
apr 16 @ death by audio, brooklyn w/ aids wolf, captain ahab, controlled bleeding, telecult powers
apr 15 @ dead herring, brooklyn w/ yellow thief, yvette, NT
mar 31 @ silent barn, ridgewood w/ national dairy, yvette, nat roe
mar 26 @ machines with magnets, providence, ri w/ r+b motherfuckers, humanbeast, bellows
mar 5 @ 74 pine st, manhattan "Maybe I Should Have Called It My Life In 19 Minutes" w/ pc worship, dan friel, films, sculptures, etc
feb 27 @ cakeshop, manhattan w/ cellular chaos, satanized, drums like machine guns
feb 23 @ brewer's mansion, brooklyn w/ lechuguillas, zulus, nt
feb 12 @ ding dong lounge, manhattan w/ gary war, ramble tamble, puppy cops
feb 10 @ glasslands, brooklyn w/ extra life, liturgy, travis laplante
jan 29 @ danger dangery gallery, philadelphia w/ normal love, mincemeat or tenspeed, bad news bats
jan 28 @ death by audio, brooklyn - w/ sightings, Zs: black crown ceremony, normal love
jan 25 @ WFMU on nat roe's show, jersey city, nj

dec 15 @ death by audio, brooklyn w/ turbosleaze, taco leg, marsh hens
nov 13 @ brooklyn brew house, brooklyn w/ neon blud, pygmy shrews, remnants
nov 12 @ tommy's tavern, brooklyn w/ pop.1280, unholy 2, prison mirror
nov 2 @ death by audio, brooklyn w/ diet cokeheads, pollution, divorce money
sep 30 @ elizabeth foundation for the arts, manhattan w/ ramble tamble
sep 8 @ death by audio,  brooklyn w/ thank god, necking, the dreebs
aug 13 @ silent barn, queens w/ landlords, pink reason, dream police
aug 2 @ death by audio, brooklyn w/ cacaw, cellular chaos, chaw mank
jul 19 @ bruar falls, brooklyn w/ pigeon religion, the men, hell kite, divorce money
jul 12 @ death by audio, brooklyn w/ grids, pollution
jul 10 @ butcher shoppe, allston, ma
jul 9 @ whitney house, hartford, ct w/ glue factory, rapture scum
jul 6 @ death by audio, brooklyn w/ child abuse, the dreebs
jun 16 @ death by audio, brooklyn w/ mincemeat or tenspeed, dan friel
may 1 @ hunter college times square gallery, manhattan - "video feedback"
apr 23 @ the charleston, brooklyn w/ pfisters, satanized, the wayward
apr 22 @ SUNY purchase, purchase, ny w/ satanized
apr 19 @ death by audio, brooklyn w/ fat worm of error, zebu
apr 18 @ tommy's tavern, brooklyn w/ twin stumps, taboo
apr 5 @ bruar falls, brooklyn w/ prsms, yvette, passive aggressor
apr 3 @ sonar, baltimore md - DNA test fest w/ pissed jeans, sightings, twin stumps, etc.
mar 30 @ death by audio, brooklyn w/ neon blud, the men, weed hounds
mar 17 @ silent barn, queens w/ weasel walter quartet, buckets of bile
mar 5 @ big bear cafe, washington, dc w/ body cop
mar 4 @ random row books, charlottesville, va w/ nurse beach, rhythm bandit
mar 3 @ virginia tech, blacksburg, va
mar 2 @ the nightlight, chapel hill, nc w/ make, hem of his garment
mar 1 @ yauhaus, charlotte, nc
feb 28 @ the big house, atlanta, ga w/ big and tall, sunglasses
feb 27 @ golden bough bookstore, macon, ga w/ citizen insane, memphibians, the 2416
feb 26 @ the junkyard, gainesville, fl w/ neon blud, diet cokeheads
feb 25 @ heinrich's workshop, tampa, fl w/ neon blud, diet cokeheads
feb 24 @ the devil's playground, jacksonville, fl w/ national dairy, memphibians, the 2416
feb 23 @ the wormhole, savannah, ga w/ j. zagers
feb 22 @ outer space, charleston, sc w/ small pox, taboo, ancestral diet, swamp tease
feb 21 @ juggling gypsy, wilmington, nc
feb 20 @ the triple, richmond, va w/ suppression, gull
feb 19 @ ruintown, balitmore, md w/ pfisters, landlords
feb 17 @ silent barn, queens, ny w/ pygmy shrews, pop.1280, cult of youth
jan 31 @ public assembly, brooklyn w/ the austerity program, immanent voiceless, daniel malinsky
jan 27 @ death by audio, brooklyn w/ nervous sex, radio shock
jan 23 @ tommy's tavern, brooklyn w/ pop.1280, hot guts, chickens
jan 6 @ death by audio, brooklyn w/ twin stumps, diet cokeheads, the men

dec 19 @ tommy's tavern, brooklyn w/ pop.1280
dec 18 @ death by audio, brooklyn w/ rice, fiasco, unstoppable death machines
dec 11 @ Z radio show at an art gallery in philadelphia w/ form a log, unicorn hard-on
dec 9 @ silent barn, queens w/ bellows
dec 4 @ death by audio, brooklyn w/ york factory complaint (feat. genesis p-orridge), sightings, pink reason
dec 1 @ cameo gallery, brooklyn w/ vaz, prsms, invisible circle
nov 21 @ tommy's tavern, brooklyn w/ landlords, school jerks, pollution
nov 14 @ the hexagon, baltimore, md w/ pfisters, gaybomb
sep 20 @ bard college, annandale-on-hudson, ny w/ satanized, fiasco
sep 19 @ a haunted house in belchertown, ma w/ satanized, chris cooper
sep 18 @ wesleyan university, middletown, ct w/ the new flesh, satanized
sep 17 @ SUNY purchase, purchase, ny w/ satanized
sep 16 @ death by audio, brooklyn w/ chaos majik, buckets of bile
sept 10 @ silent barn w/ vaz, new flesh, pygmy shrews
aug 14 @ tommy's tavern, brooklyn w/ twin stumps, queening, pfisters
aug 10 @ death by audio, brooklyn w/ white mice, liturgy, cacaw
aug 1 @ wreck room, brooklyn w/ liturgy, normal love, beauty apes
jul 11 @ the butcher shop, allston, ma w/ snake in the garden, sewer goddess, instinct control
jul 2 @ cakeshop w/ drunkdriver, cult ritual, twin stumps
jun 28 @ silent barn, queens w/ drunkdriver, afterparty, francis harold and the holograms, pop.1280
jun 23 @ coco66, brooklyn w/ gay bomb, big and tall, small pox, beauty apes
may 18 @ death by audio, brooklyn w/ sex negatives, totally ripped, apeshit, necking
mar 21 @ pyramid atlantic art center, silver spring, md
mar 20 @ a house in richmond, va
mar 19 @ the hexagon, baltimore, md w/ the new flesh
mar 18 @ the marvelous, philadelphia, pa w/ birth control, mincemeat or tenspeed
mar 17 @ the spot, wilmington, de w/ holy dirt
mar 15 @ death by audio, brooklyn w/ pygmy shrews, twin stumps, birth control
feb 5 @ wesleyan university, middletown, ct w/ extra life

dec 29 @ weird diner, bloomfield, ct w/ dek boo 
dec 28 @ cakeshop, manhattan w/ queening, dek boo, bassoon
dec 27 @ heirloom arts theater, danbury, ct w/ open star clusters
nov 4 @ a house near hampshire college, ma w/ yukon, little women
sep 27 @ less artists more condos, manhattan w/ krallice, satanized
sep 25 @ the marvelous, philadelphia w/ satanized
aug 3 @ bodega, brooklyn w/ cutter, drunkdriver, violent bullshit
jul 19 @ alphabeta, brooklyn w/ dynamite club, draywon sawyer gang, doom jazz
jun 28 @ 248 BS, brooklyn w/ fat worm of error, necking, diagram A, animental
apr 26 @ silent barn, queens - INC w/ laundryroom squelchers, nancy garcia, mark morgan, etc.
mar 22 @ weird diner, bloomfield, ct w/ fag muscle, weedblade
mar 21 @ death by audio, brooklyn w/ cutter, satanized
mar 19 @ please touch museum, philadelphia w/ drums like machine guns, burrs
mar 16 @ rick weaver's house, baltimore, md w/ sexually retarded
jan 26 @ z radio basement, philadelphia w/ miami beach
jan 25 @ knights of columbus, new milford, ct w/ weedblade

dec 7 @ narwhal arts, providence, ri w/ belly boat
nov 4 @ bard college, annandale-on-hudson, ny w/ trencher, ultra dolphins
oct 28 @ death by audio, brooklyn w/ drunkdriver, new flesh, archaeopteryx, radio shock
oct 26 @ wesleyan university, middletown, ct w/ fat worm of error, wzt hearts, these are powers
sep 18 @ muscle beach, allentown, pa w/ satanized, wzt hearts
sep 14 @ the nerve center, baltimore, md w/ the new flesh, the wayward
jul 25 @ the manor, danbury, ct w/ satanized, serpents of wisdom
jun 2 @ micheline's, brooklyn w/ the new flesh, the fugue, nonhorse
may 12 @ a house in allston, ma w/ open star clusters
mar 29 @ micheline's, brooklyn w/ fat worm of error, these are powers, mv carbon
mar 8 @ silent barn, queens w/ magik markers, dan deacon, bark haze (feat. thurston moore)
feb 10 @ trinity college, hartford, ct w/ open star clusters, mouth to mouth

oct 7 @ wesleyan university, middletown, ct w/ usaisamonster
may 6 @ rad pad, brooklyn w/ experimental dental school
apr 9 @ boston university, boston, ma
apr 7 @ cousin larry's, danbury, ct w/ striders
feb 16 @ pete's house, allston, ma w/ wildlife, the lumberjacks
feb 15 @ metal mansion, amherst, ma w/ miami heat, hardwind hummingbird
jan 20 @ vfw, new milford, ct w/ hardwind hummingbird, striders